Sunday, 1 December 2013

wicked bih-zah.

as I process that I will pack up my car this week and trek across the country for another transitional moment in my story, this word keeps popping into my head.

the definition...fairly spot on.
the in my head with a boston accent.
take that 'r' off the end,
it is unnecessary.
(you will see my correction in the title of this post.)

the nature of leaving,
of turning a page,
of packing up,
has this feeling of strangeness as a given.  and having felt it many times in my adult life,  though familiar, it remains in its character
full of mourning, of hazy questions, of difficult separations...
never easy.
forever scary.

and yet,
and important.

I certainly hope bob is right about this one.
I know it aligns with what I believe about who God is.
I do believe it.
taking steps to live within this statement is a whole other matter.

I do believe with this move, I am leaning into being fully present.

the Lord has consistently shown me that *faith is in my feet.
when I am prompted to engage and take steps,
He always shows up.

not all of these steps present themselves as changes of address.
sometimes I see the leading manifested in writing an email to a girl, who with her husband, leads a new community group near my house in my new city.
(thank you, erin and mikhail!)
or in a response to an invitation to play trivia at a nearby pub with friends from work.
(loralee, you're the best around!)
or perhaps during a well-timed cheer for johnny boychuk.
(nick, thanks for calling me 'brynks'.)
or while eating a fenway frank in right field with a friend who loves this city and has introduced me to its undeniable charms.
(stace, you have shared so much with me, and I am forever grateful.)

I could go on and on...

a place is a place. yes, I have an entire pictorial board on a popular website entitled 'spaces of joy.' due to my love of and intentional focus on creating and leaning into surroundings in which I prefer to dwell.  and I hold staunchly to said creation of these environs.

but, what makes a space or place lovely is the people with whom you abide beside within it.
friendships and connections are neither static nor immovable.
when change of location feels necessary,
our propensity for closeness can remain.

goodness, I am thankful for that fact.

*(thank you, ken gire, authour who changed my perspective on so many aspects to do with faith and love.  this man can paint a picture and tell a great story.  goodness.  windows of the soul is an all-time favourite, as well as his moments with the Savior and reflections on the Word).  
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Saturday, 30 November 2013


the weather feels like this today.  it was 18 degrees when I got in my car this morning to drive to work.
sunny and quite chilly.

this makes me smile.  and breathe deeply. 

sherlock and holmes will soon return for their next season.
the absolute opposite of rubbish.
this past week, they announced the season 3 premiere by parking this hearse in london, referencing sherlock's "apparent" demise at the end of season two.
goodness, I love the brits.
wicked clever.

if you do not watch this show, I would say,
"what?!"  haha.

just a recommendation for utter enjoyment.

to eating both of these dark chocolate-y, and gingerbread-y treats as it is officially the holiday season and michael buble' is currently singing to me over my chronicle writing.

as I pack up my room and mentally prepare to take my next step in my story, I am sat deeply thankful to be able to say that I now have friends residing in new england who I add to my list of people who induce memories of loads of irrepressible eye-smiling, shoulder bouncing, throwing back your head laughing moments. 

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Monday, 25 November 2013

keen on...

fewer words.
more visuals today.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

anyone have a headlamp?

is for...

one of the life lessons I learned during my time in my last 'home' in the mountains was that of the ever-present reality of
particularly in my first year, I found myself sure I was in the right location and yet my feelings often lived in a state of frustration and feeling out of place, like I was constantly squirmy within myself.
may I define this "tension"? 
essentially, I am speaking of the feelings and knowledge not necessarily being on the same page.  and allowing that seemingly confused and uncomfortable state to just...

the intersection of being a child and an adult.  age is irrelevant.  we are all junior high kids inside in certain situations, regardless how many years we fill in the blank on requisite fields that ask for our date of birth. 
or maybe it's just me.

having spent a significant part of my life thus far in full time 'people-work',  personality assessments have been prevalent.  I actually enjoy taking them every time.  I am fascinated by tendencies, gifting, and strength others and in myself.  I am a big believer in self-awareness, as I feel it leads to going through life more awake and more capable of celebrating personal victories. 
I also hold a fascination for uncovering so much about each other and yet still never reaching the end of the mystifying inner workings of any person. 
so so good.
as much as I identify, I still am left with questions and surprise. 
creation is

my current ambiguous state feels both familiar and uncharted. 
transition is a process I have navigated.  it usually appears slowly, with a feeling of a sort of heart displacement.  my friend, david usrey, put words to this feeling many years ago when my heart began stirring toward what I would find out was a move across the atlantic.  he spoke of feeling like his heart had gone somewhere else, but he did not know where it was exactly.  bit by bit, with time, the location showed itself.  for him and his family, it was paris, france.  

each time this feeling of  'out of sorts' has cropped up within me, I have learned to lean in and listen.  sometimes I am eager to listen. 
other times I dig my heels in and keep busy to avoid the stillness where the leading is spoken. 

this time, wrestling ensued. 
in my child-like spirit, if I like something, I like it deeply. 
I am passionate about these things. 
and I LIKE boston.
I resist change all the more when I do not understand all my 'why?' questions.

thankfully, I also thrive when given directions, even if only given one at a time.
I am following.
in a couple weeks, I will go to arkansas for the holidays, and in my vw jetta will be the contents of my room where I presently reside in boston. 
it all seems quite quick, and sticking with the theme of this post, simultaneously, it feels as if it has been in the works for some time. 

boston is now a part of my ongoing and ever-expanding definition of home. 
my storyline is not complete here, because relationships remain in this city. 
connections that have taken time and intentionality in ways I have previously not experienced.
these new england residing friends are precious in a different way. 
not better.
set apart.

more questions reside within me than answers at this moment.
and, yet, I know I needed to lean into this...
to lean in to a Leading.
and, so I decided.
and peace has crept in.
so, with only a small beam of light just in front of me,
I breathe,
and move.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

take it.

to be made. 

what a request.

I would (have and do)
advise others to pray such a prayer,
to sing such a song...

what about me?

forgive me, if I have ever
'preached' or sung this lyric
in a flippant way.

this prayer is full of
pride-swallowing, and

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


creativity is a response.  
-michael card, scribbling in the sand

while reading a book this week about being an artist, this sentence struck a chord.  
it is one of those books that as I read, I sort of nod with every page, holding affirmations of truths I know and believe, as well.  
and, then,
all of a sudden, 
a phrase rings out a new note of energizing encouragement.  

I tend to tell people in my "life script" that I am not terribly creative.
I am, without doubt, more of an imitator than an innovator.  
my creativity does not necessarily start and stop with me producing something from scratch.  
this form of expression, however, is no less creative than those who sit with a blank piece of paper and formulate or generate something "new".  

I am not sure I have ever applied the truth I believe here in
ecclesiastes 1.9,
"there is nothing new under the sun", 
to the world of creating. 
this newly found realization has me feeling a bit more empowered to embrace impulses to make my inspirations into realities. 

whether crafting, concocting, or arranging, I can only describe my need to express my ideas as a compulsion.  when I squelch this desire, I feel out of sorts and less like myself.  
and, you know what?
when I enter into my mindful, imaginative state of being, I lose my script.  
lately, I feel like life just might be richer without quite so much rehearsal.
and, though this state of being is mostly void of boundary, it feels oddly...
in that it belongs 
to me 
what I create has my personal fingerprint placed upon it.  
yes, it is personal.

"whatever anything is, is ought to begin by being personal."
-kathleen kelly, you've got mail

be clever.
do what you do.

this guy knows a little about creativity... 
have a listen to the clever.


Friday, 1 November 2013


a visual learner on whom my surroundings impress; 
sweaters and bare feet among my favourite types of dress.
river or stream sings a melody from nature to my soul;
refreshment a sweet, Creative mountain view does dole.

with a continual striving for my shoulders to relax, 
in my surroundings, I long to allow for breath to the max.
a month which stands at a crossroads from autumn to a season full of snow,
finds me intentionally seeking a restful spot to lean into and respond to this ever-changing and invigorating life show.

my spirit believes in surprise and delight,
even though at times I feel overwhelmed by its unknown potential plight.
instinct and Anchor reassure me I am safe and sound, 
as I AM equipped 
and Love 
unconditionally abound.

happy november.
I hope you seek out spaces to breathe into and people who celebrate you.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

october birthday stroll in my city...

favourite thrifted red boots on a thursday in the boston common.
these two weeks since "the shift" affirm the depth of said change of which I felt on the precipice.
more to follow on a few more tangibles soon...

in the meantime, I had birthday celebrations filled with friends, great food, meaningful conversations, and glorious encounters with nature. 

a few glimpses...
oh, and


the boston common.

mass. state house.  

Saturday, 12 October 2013

a shift...

something moved forward this week. 
I am not entirely sure what that "something" was, but it was definitely "something".

my spirits perked up. 
the haze of worry cleared a touch.
hope took the front runner spot in my race of inner life
where naysayer and pessimism were nudging him out the lead.
specifics fell by the wayside and generalities appeared,
giving  my brain no other choice but to
let it happen.

awe appeared.
I got a book down from my shelf that I read years ago and remember loving.
"we cover our deep ignorance with words,
 but we are ashamed to wonder; 
we are afraid to whisper 'mystery'. 

-from "dangerous wonder, the adventure of childlike faith"

do you ever have something occur to you, a divine inspiration or a lightbulb moment, 
and then you chat with people who say that same phrase or concept in seemingly random conversations? 
you turn on your favourite podcast, and it feels like the person speaking is inside your brain,
or a friend calls and tells her own story that absolutely aligns with what is going on inside you? 
rapt attention or astonishment 
at something awesomely mysterious or new to one's experience.

lean into the wonder, I heard a wise person say recently. 
we never cease to need revelation, do we?
when this sort of shift occurs, it reminds me of putting in new contacts. 
I never realize fully how cloudy my vision was until I place brand new lenses in my eyes.

challenges I face daily have not faded away.
so many prayers I have been praying for what seems like forever are still
on the top of my list.
something is

and, I am

do you listen to the avett brothers?
lately, I just put them on repeat on my rhapsody and allow their harmonies to soothe. 

by the way...
that leaning in? 
wicked scary.
incredibly envigorating.
I recommend it.



Sunday, 6 October 2013

rain on my shoulder...

a rainy autumn sunday afternoon.
yes, I just drank a cuppa...
and am now contemplating how to find an outlet to exercise creativity, as this sort of weather takes me a place of
less stressful,
in my spirit.

truth that comes to mind at the moment:

one thessalonians 5. 16-18...
[have joy] in your faith at all times.  
never stop praying.  
be thankful, 
whatever your circumstances may be.  
if you follow this advice, 
you will be working out the will of God 
expressed to you in Jesus Christ.
(j.b. phillips and [kym])

psalm 24.10...
He says, 
'be still 
and know that 
I am God...'

john 15.4...
live in me.  
make your home in me 
just as I do in you.  
in the same way that a branch can't bear grapes by itself 
but only by being joined to the vine, 
you can't bear fruit unless 
you are joined with me.
(the message)

may your sunday be filled with peace.
peace beyond your ability to explain.
and, if life feels unsolved,
may these words encourage you as they alway have done for me...

be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart 
and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms
and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue.  
do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you
because you would not be able to live them.
and the point is,
to live everything.
live the questions now.
perhaps you will then gradually, 
without noticing it, 
live along some distant day into the answer.

~rainer maria rilke
(letters to a young poet)

oh, my friend, court, sent me some pictures this morning from my st. john's wood starbucks.
made my heart happy!
I know...
they look like normal life happening on my old corner.
nothing spectacular?
I beg to differ.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

eye candy.






Wednesday, 2 October 2013

tis the season...

for this.
though I am a day late in posting, rest assured that I ate some of this tasty gem yesterday.
october rule is in full swing.
do yourself a favour, and only eat brach's.
do not waste your time with any other brand name.
mix with peanuts or eat on its own.
try to be moderate, as your stomach will let you know if you choose to over-consume.

thanks to all the friends who have reached out to acknowledge my love of october in its weather, my birthday, and its mark of the beginning of my candy seasons.
you guys are the best around!

thanks be to God for autumn.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

mind the bumps...

do you ever have one of those weeks (or 2 or 3?) that just feels like life sticks out its foot and trips you, over and over and over?
on the whole, I am beyond blessed and am more protected from evils than I know I can even fathom.  so much of the reason I feel surrounded and loved is down to my friends and family who so genuinely and unconditionally love me.
my word, I am blessed.
and thankful.

the last couple of weeks, I have felt like my sense of equilibrium has been just ever so slightly off.
like I get up on the balance beam as I have so many times before, begin to walk, and then I slip and have to jump off, trying to avoid serious injury. I hop back up, and again, I only make it a few steps before I find myself wobbling again.

prevention and planning dwell side-by-side within me.  schooling and life experience has fanned these inner flames that have always been a part of my personality.  I suppose it makes sense that I would pursue environments where these skills/tendencies could be honed.

yes, I am highly aware that life is chaotic and uncontrollable.
I have lived a few decades and in a few drastically different locales with over a dozen roommates.
change happens, and we cannot escape it.
life is full of twists and turns.

the reality of life unpredictable does not negate the feelings of being "off" or "out of sorts", however.
it is what it is.
eso si que es.  

God is constant and good, all the time.
when the road is less smooth,
feelings, for me, need to take a back seat.
a choice.
I always have a choice to believe.

october is here.
my favourite.

hope the leaves are changing where you are.
this past weekend found me with a view of lake saranac.


Friday, 13 September 2013

the inbetween...

often after loads of people interaction, any lull of noise seems louder to me than the actual voices of human contact.  as ever, I pause to ponder balance.
how simultaneously intimate and great is our God, knowing precisely the timing for the sort of noise needed for the taking in of information and for the processing of data.

my wise friend, mike, used to say all the time to me...
"kym, don't be scared of silence."

quiet holds it own 'audible' lessons and discoveries.
I may not know in specific, practical ways the purposes of not talking.
I do know 
choose to believe,
from experience after experience,
that the stillness of heart is
will be used for good. (rom 8.28)


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

community fosters...

when people gather with the purpose of connection and fellowship, sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals, a community is formed.

so much goodness results from these gatherings.
for me, the two visuals here help describe a couple of those feelings.

my friend dan told me once that he strives to surround himself with people who...
celebrate him, 
not simply tolerate him.
I love that goal.
being intentional about this quest is well worth any moments of loneliness which creep in to life.

one of my outlets of catharsis, joy, and perspective is found in writing.  this picture makes my spirit happy.
I want to recreate it.

great conversations and connections have been prevalent as of late, and I am sat thankful.

on this day of remembering such an awful, life-altering tragedy for our country, I am all the more grateful for people to live life alongside who are mindful of each other and are intentional about loving others.


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Saturday, 7 September 2013


today, my word of interest is
mr. webster and I "converse" about which meaning I lean toward in my pondering...
I choose the following two: 
a. vivid and deep in colour
2. meaningful or significant.

this chest of drawers in its rich brown colour feels cozy to me. (I also imagine it could have had many owners and might have lovely stories of locations and family history.)
autumn brings with it richer hues of clothing, leaves, and coffee.
I find darker tones of colour to be almost a proverbial hug to my spirit.  I steer fairly clear of pastels for the most part, as aesthetics and my surroundings are so impressionable upon me.  I suppose I try to create a warm atmosphere regardless of season.  
as an october baby, I logically hold a deep fondness for this time of year.
since we all seem to drink more hot beverages and begin to add layers to our wardrobes, people begin the process of having to slow down.
during the summer months, we drink iced coffee through a straw while on-the-go with little thought.  that autumnal steaming hot latte demands a slower sipping experience.  and when we decrease the pace, many times we desire someone to sit across from us to chat with to pass the time and increase the warmth.
with a deep breath and each measured drink, connection occurs...meaningful moments which hopefully lead to both parties feeling more significant and loved.

I recognize that in many parts of the country, the autumn has not quite made its appearance, and even here in new england with the past couple days turning cooler, we have not gone so far as to remove the A/C units from the windows.
I suppose I am just looking forward with smiling eyes of anticipation toward a season lending itself to more opportunities for richness, whether intentional or accidental.

happy september, friends.
(though I need none, I am fighting the urge to buy school supplies.)