Sunday, 7 November 2010

"Lest we forget..."
If in England, I would adorn my lapel with a poppy looking similar to the above pictured.  11 November is fastly approaching...a time when we remember our current and fallen heroes in the many branches of military service.  Were I going to church @ HTB in London, I would be rising with the congregation and be prompted to sing "God Save The Queen".  I remember that first Remembrance Sunday that I spent in London in 2006 when we began singing this song.  I wondered then, as I still do, if it is disloyal to my native country to sing said song.  I know not.  Regardless, this time of year in England was one of the times I was tangibly reminded of my living in another country.  I adored it. 
The story of the poppy is lengthy and meaningful, and I will not describe it here today.  I will simply say that I deeply love this time of year, as it focuses on remembrance.  What a deep blessing our memories are. 
Today (and this week), I remember...the troops who enable freedom and allow for safety, my sweet time in London, and the Lord's love and faithfulness which are constant.