Monday, 19 August 2013

heart, meet brain. brain, meet heart.

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hoping my week and yours is full of intentional, mindful moments.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

choosing focus.

I have the impulse almost daily to clean out and give away.  truly.  lately, I have the thought more and more often.
is my head cluttered? 
but that is not a new state of being.

as mentioned before, I think when situations around me feel less controllable, I tend to shift and adjust those things which I am able to be master. 

boston is brilliant.
I love it here.
I feel more settled in locality than I have been since london life. 
and, I am approaching my one year mark of residing in this commonwealth. 
connections have happened slowly.
slower than to that which I have been accustomed in years prior, but in some ways that is refreshing.

the girl at the corner coffee shop near my studio makes my coffee when I walk through the door, and we chat about the weather while our caffeine/cash exchange happens, never having to address our customer/vendor reality. 
we do not know each others names. 
but, I sort of like that in a way.
the familiar anonymity is heartwarming.
one of those city life realities.

and the small town, southern part of me had a major breakthrough a couple weeks ago in my community group as we have begun to share our stories.  our study wrapped up at the end of the spring, so the summer has found us just hanging out on tuesdays with the underlying goal to just get to know each other a bit more.  as story is my heartbeat I feel, joy abounded when the group decided it was game to begin to share a bit throughout this hiatus from scriptural exegesis. 

though these aforementioned two parts of my being are being attended to as of late, I acknowledge that transition in the way of community is still ongoing and I think will be for some time.  (this awareness helps with my expectation management.)
so, as I settle into this neighbourhood and breathe into a new home, I hope to stay in a state of unrest in some ways, calling me to...

1.identify the essential.
2.eliminate the rest.

in possessions and in mental clutter. 

the more mindful I am about my surroundings,
the healthier I am. 
the kinder I am.
the more efficient I am.
the more intentional I am.
the more loving I am.
the more I listen.
the more thankful I am.
the more I laugh.
the more alert I am.
the more alive I am.

may the week ahead be full for both you and I. 
I remember reading somewhere that life is intended to be so.  (john 10.10.)


(**erin, don't you love the white background of this picture?  the cleanliness visually represented. with the small, straightforward gray list?  made me think of you.)