Wednesday, 3 September 2014


a place of safety or refuge.

a handful of years ago, living a country not my native, I first discovered the absolute necessity of having such a spot.  and in all my moves and all my house numbers, that london learned lesson of haven non-negotiable is once again my most tangible subject for thanksgiving.
in the words of my friend, jas, in regard to my response to how I am liking dallas... 
"no matter what, just remember you have a kick a%$ apartment!"
indeed, my friend.
and on days when I feel out of sorts or ill at ease, this aptly described structure where I dwell truly is my place of comfort.
a friend asked me today what is next for me here.  

"you got an apartment.
you are still searching for a church.
now what?
join a singing club?"  

yes, this is honestly what he asked me.  
had I not been sitting on the inside of the booth with another friend blocking my way, I might have laughed my way onto the floor.  

well, I am not sure, my silly friend.  more than likely, my next to-do will not be anything to do with vocal performance, though.  (at least not apart from in my haven)  
music is, of course, a constant there.
(see below video.)

some ideas on the brain of the "nexts"...
as we all well know, it is a process in this psyche.
so, I will keep making lists, writing down inspirational quotes, and brainstorming.  
I'll find those soul-feeding connection points.  places that feed the various corners of my story.
I choose to believe I will.  

another friend said a kind word to me about my future being bright.  
today, in particular, these words meant loads to me.  
when in a role that oftentimes finds me feeling a bit alien, it is a sweet gift to still be able to make connection with people (even if with a smaller number than in previous realities and roles) who engage in authentic conversation in the midst of email sending and spreadsheet formatting.  

look for the little signs of hope.
choose to recognise. 

how about a song and video that makes this person happy?


I dare you to not want to join into that dance.  
(and, yes, I looked up the lyrics, and this post title is copied directly.  I couldn't pass it up.)

janelle monae, electric lady...