Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A bit of an image for you from my literal backyard nowadays.  I sort of stole this snapshot from a friend who is taking pictures often of our gorgeous surroundings.  I believe this is Mt. Princeton.  We are nestled in the valley of the Collegiate Peaks...Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, respectively.

Life in Buena Vista, Colorado is simple.  Simpler beyond words from my life in Londontown.  I have so much more mental space than I have had in recent years.  I am unsure of what to do with all that free energy, I must confess.  I know the Lord is calling me to rest and breathe.  The above view is without doubt helpful in that quest.  I am assured I have many lessons in store for me here.  I pray I am attentive.

Summer season begins in tomorrow for us here.  The rhythm will be more staccato than smooth, though the lyrics of this melody will be full of excitement, depth, and energy.  I am supremely looking forward to the people I will be blessed enough to meet, the behind-the-scenes tasks I will get to accomplish, and the ways I will see relationships grow in richness.

I pause as I ponder what other musings I have at present...  My house is adorable and located in the center of town which enables me to walk to almost anywhere (other than to work) easily.  I walked to meet some friends the other night, and I just felt more alive.  I told my friends that I am reverting to my English nature and am walking henceforth unless I absolutely have to drive.  I got my hair cut the other day by my new friend, Andie, who I called randomly at a salon I drove by.  Andie is from London.  In the non-summer months, I have an office-mate called Juliette who is from where?  England.  We talk about tea, the newly appointed British Prime Minister, and the "the same but a bit different"-ness of GB.  Just a couple little love notes in this Colorado song the Lord is teaching me to sing.  The Lord is so in the details and knows my heart.
I bought a yellow dresser from my neighbour, Trader Tad, who is a story in himself.  He shook my hand and introduced himself..."Hi, Kym, I am Trader Tad".  I just smiled.  He helped Leslie and I get it in the house and then offered to be a resource to us for anything we might need as new people to the area.
I find I am incredibly organized these days.  I believe I have always been more neat than not since I began life in college and lived with others.  Though, I feel my disposition to be tidy has ramped up since having moved to London.  I attribute it to moving as much as I did in my three years and to the utterly small spaces that I inhabited, both in my own flats and in spare bedrooms of others' houses.  Honestly, if you put a jacket down on the bed, you felt as if you had lost priceless square footage.  Truly.
My desk must stay clear to keep my brain clear and focused with as much new as there is to learn.  I like my room tidy, so I can spread out on the floor and write, create, or simply sit and type, as I am currently doing.
Ok, for those of you, friends, who like silly details of my world, there you go.  I will take some snaps of my room and house for the next post.
Even better?  Plan a trip to see me!  We have plenty of room for passers-through.  And, I adore a pop-in!