Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cheers! Fantastic news... my new computer has arrived! It was delivered to me late last night by some wonderful friends! It is going to take me a bit to transfer all info from old to new, but I had to share as I am so excited! The world has re-opened to me, literally! I love it, and I know a fraction of its capabilities thus far!
You will see some pictures here of my last Wyldlife event...bowling and pizza. Big fun!
I leave on Saturday for our annual Service Project. We are going back to Bulgaria this year to do more work in and around orphanages. Though, I do not have any friends coming with me from central London, I have been asked to go along to help out as an extra female leader.
Have you heard of Rob Bell? If not, check him out...podcast on itunes under Mars Hill Bible Church.
I looked at another flat today. It is quite small, but it might just work. I will keep you posted. I am ready to properly unpack. No question.
Softball officially begins practice when we return from break on 31 March. The season is going to be full of lessons, hard work, and insights, I can forsee. My girls are fantastic, and I look forward to getting to know them all a bit better.