Thursday, 6 February 2014

no part.

a diner.
a date.

this picture, I love.
(at a glance, it reminds me a bit of harry and sally.)

a city I miss deeply.
a state I relate more to than one listed after a city and prior to a zip code at the end of an address on an envelope.

coffee or a cuppa, depending on the time of day.
a lamp to soften the light in a room to enhance coziness.
a bed indicating a place to rest.
antiquated bricks show character and life lived.
a window allowing for a view but keeping unwanted elements out.
neutral colours to provide for feeling of cleanliness and simplicity.
saucer holding crumbs from recently finished pastry.
my friend, joel, made a comment the other day that stuck with me.
there is no part of the story that God is disconnected from.
I find that statement deeply comforting.

friends and family who surround and support are the best gift I have been given in my life, full stop.
how overwhelmed and thankful I am for those who love me so well and so consistently.
thank you notes could be written every hour of every day to each of them, and I would not scratch the surface of being able to communicate my gratitude for how each of them have literally shaped me, influenced me, and uplifted me.

as I slowly navigate this time of 'shift', I know prayers and check-ins from these loved ones literally hold me up and point me forward.
thank you.
blessed, I am.

a bit of work begins this week.
every little helps, in the words of my local grocery spot in londontown.
God is good. all the time.
look for the little things.  they are always there.

{pictures: via:, kym brinkley, @madewell}