Wednesday, 18 July 2012

"change is basically a shift in the relation of the parts of a whole or the admission of some foreign element into the original composition."  -a.w. tozer.
change:  an alteration or modification.  -webster dictionary

I feel as if I have written about this life constant many times over the history of this chronicle.  
perhaps, it is due to the fact that the shifting is ongoing. 
perhaps, this repetition is to help me remember the difference and distinction between
constant and fluid. 
I am certain both above statements have importance and truth within.  

one of my favourite books is "The Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer.  
(the quote above can be found here.)
I keep this book in my bag most of the time, as the chapters are small and easily read while waiting for a dentist appointment or for a friend who is a few minutes late to breakfast.  though bite-sized in word content, the depth of meaning and profundity is vast.  
truth remains truth, never ceasing to challenge and remind me of who I am and who God remains.

this morning over coffee I read once again the chapter on the immutability of God, or in other words, His inability to change.
a few thoughts that resonated with me...

"In God no change is possible; in men change is impossible to escape."

"The law of mutation belongs to a fallen world, but God is immutable (unchanging), and in Him men of faith find at last eternal permanence."

"In this world where men forget us, change their attitude toward us as their private interests dictate, and revise their opinion of us for the slightest cause, is it not a source of wondrous strength to know that the God with whom we have to do changes not?  That His attitude toward us now is the same as it was in eternity past and will be in eternity to come?"  

Malachi 3:6...
         "I the Lord do not change..."

today, I am thankful that in the midst of crazy, chaotic, unpredictable life, the Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  (Hebrews 13.5-6, 8)

I have this friend, dave, with whom I did summer staff several years ago at a place called windy gap.  you might recognize him or at least his voice.  dave is a gifted song writer, musician, and believer.  click on the link below to hear his poignant take on this God truth.

They tell me
There's songs reserved for angels
Would you sing me one, a stranger
Just to prove your love

And You know they tell me
You've given poor men kingdoms
Handed guilty freedom
Taken on their stains
Your love will never change
Your love will never change

They tell me
You dwell with good and evil
In alleys and cathedrals
Shadows and a light

And You know they tell me
You hold the world together
Not from guilt but pleasure
You somehow know my name
Your love will never change
Your love will never change

So tell me
There's nothing that You can't do
Love me thought I've hurt You
You'll take all my blame
Your love will never change
Your love will never change
Your love will never change

I hope your week is filled with deep breaths of how deeply loved you are, just as you are.