Monday, 18 January 2016

years and days since I have written, yes?
accessibility to ease of typing has been a bit impaired in recent months.  in the words of a dear friend,
"my sincerest apologies".
believe me, I feel it.
when I stop writing, I feel it.

new england is home once more.
feels as if I never left.
feels like I have been here only a handful of months.
concurrently.  evenly.  literally.

working on creating a life here.
interesting how a couple years down the road perspective changes.
thank the good Lord above for perspective.

this is a first.
moving to a place I have lived before of my own volition.

still a shift.
still transition.
still a lot at times.

time to write.
the book has begun.  structure has been found in chapter titles, and I am thrilled to be awoken from my paralysis which seems to set in when life is to vague.  in every facet of my life,
connection is important.

by way of information.
by way of instruction.
by way of observation.
by way of conversation.
by way of touch.

without something to afix, I haze over and lose interest.

so as I seek a life lived to the full here in boston, I look for connection points.  a few are in the works, and hope resides for many more to surface.
as I am going, I aspire to breathe...