Saturday, 30 November 2013


the weather feels like this today.  it was 18 degrees when I got in my car this morning to drive to work.
sunny and quite chilly.

this makes me smile.  and breathe deeply. 

sherlock and holmes will soon return for their next season.
the absolute opposite of rubbish.
this past week, they announced the season 3 premiere by parking this hearse in london, referencing sherlock's "apparent" demise at the end of season two.
goodness, I love the brits.
wicked clever.

if you do not watch this show, I would say,
"what?!"  haha.

just a recommendation for utter enjoyment.

to eating both of these dark chocolate-y, and gingerbread-y treats as it is officially the holiday season and michael buble' is currently singing to me over my chronicle writing.

as I pack up my room and mentally prepare to take my next step in my story, I am sat deeply thankful to be able to say that I now have friends residing in new england who I add to my list of people who induce memories of loads of irrepressible eye-smiling, shoulder bouncing, throwing back your head laughing moments. 

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Monday, 25 November 2013

keen on...

fewer words.
more visuals today.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

anyone have a headlamp?

is for...

one of the life lessons I learned during my time in my last 'home' in the mountains was that of the ever-present reality of
particularly in my first year, I found myself sure I was in the right location and yet my feelings often lived in a state of frustration and feeling out of place, like I was constantly squirmy within myself.
may I define this "tension"? 
essentially, I am speaking of the feelings and knowledge not necessarily being on the same page.  and allowing that seemingly confused and uncomfortable state to just...

the intersection of being a child and an adult.  age is irrelevant.  we are all junior high kids inside in certain situations, regardless how many years we fill in the blank on requisite fields that ask for our date of birth. 
or maybe it's just me.

having spent a significant part of my life thus far in full time 'people-work',  personality assessments have been prevalent.  I actually enjoy taking them every time.  I am fascinated by tendencies, gifting, and strength others and in myself.  I am a big believer in self-awareness, as I feel it leads to going through life more awake and more capable of celebrating personal victories. 
I also hold a fascination for uncovering so much about each other and yet still never reaching the end of the mystifying inner workings of any person. 
so so good.
as much as I identify, I still am left with questions and surprise. 
creation is

my current ambiguous state feels both familiar and uncharted. 
transition is a process I have navigated.  it usually appears slowly, with a feeling of a sort of heart displacement.  my friend, david usrey, put words to this feeling many years ago when my heart began stirring toward what I would find out was a move across the atlantic.  he spoke of feeling like his heart had gone somewhere else, but he did not know where it was exactly.  bit by bit, with time, the location showed itself.  for him and his family, it was paris, france.  

each time this feeling of  'out of sorts' has cropped up within me, I have learned to lean in and listen.  sometimes I am eager to listen. 
other times I dig my heels in and keep busy to avoid the stillness where the leading is spoken. 

this time, wrestling ensued. 
in my child-like spirit, if I like something, I like it deeply. 
I am passionate about these things. 
and I LIKE boston.
I resist change all the more when I do not understand all my 'why?' questions.

thankfully, I also thrive when given directions, even if only given one at a time.
I am following.
in a couple weeks, I will go to arkansas for the holidays, and in my vw jetta will be the contents of my room where I presently reside in boston. 
it all seems quite quick, and sticking with the theme of this post, simultaneously, it feels as if it has been in the works for some time. 

boston is now a part of my ongoing and ever-expanding definition of home. 
my storyline is not complete here, because relationships remain in this city. 
connections that have taken time and intentionality in ways I have previously not experienced.
these new england residing friends are precious in a different way. 
not better.
set apart.

more questions reside within me than answers at this moment.
and, yet, I know I needed to lean into this...
to lean in to a Leading.
and, so I decided.
and peace has crept in.
so, with only a small beam of light just in front of me,
I breathe,
and move.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

take it.

to be made. 

what a request.

I would (have and do)
advise others to pray such a prayer,
to sing such a song...

what about me?

forgive me, if I have ever
'preached' or sung this lyric
in a flippant way.

this prayer is full of
pride-swallowing, and

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


creativity is a response.  
-michael card, scribbling in the sand

while reading a book this week about being an artist, this sentence struck a chord.  
it is one of those books that as I read, I sort of nod with every page, holding affirmations of truths I know and believe, as well.  
and, then,
all of a sudden, 
a phrase rings out a new note of energizing encouragement.  

I tend to tell people in my "life script" that I am not terribly creative.
I am, without doubt, more of an imitator than an innovator.  
my creativity does not necessarily start and stop with me producing something from scratch.  
this form of expression, however, is no less creative than those who sit with a blank piece of paper and formulate or generate something "new".  

I am not sure I have ever applied the truth I believe here in
ecclesiastes 1.9,
"there is nothing new under the sun", 
to the world of creating. 
this newly found realization has me feeling a bit more empowered to embrace impulses to make my inspirations into realities. 

whether crafting, concocting, or arranging, I can only describe my need to express my ideas as a compulsion.  when I squelch this desire, I feel out of sorts and less like myself.  
and, you know what?
when I enter into my mindful, imaginative state of being, I lose my script.  
lately, I feel like life just might be richer without quite so much rehearsal.
and, though this state of being is mostly void of boundary, it feels oddly...
in that it belongs 
to me 
what I create has my personal fingerprint placed upon it.  
yes, it is personal.

"whatever anything is, is ought to begin by being personal."
-kathleen kelly, you've got mail

be clever.
do what you do.

this guy knows a little about creativity... 
have a listen to the clever.


Friday, 1 November 2013


a visual learner on whom my surroundings impress; 
sweaters and bare feet among my favourite types of dress.
river or stream sings a melody from nature to my soul;
refreshment a sweet, Creative mountain view does dole.

with a continual striving for my shoulders to relax, 
in my surroundings, I long to allow for breath to the max.
a month which stands at a crossroads from autumn to a season full of snow,
finds me intentionally seeking a restful spot to lean into and respond to this ever-changing and invigorating life show.

my spirit believes in surprise and delight,
even though at times I feel overwhelmed by its unknown potential plight.
instinct and Anchor reassure me I am safe and sound, 
as I AM equipped 
and Love 
unconditionally abound.

happy november.
I hope you seek out spaces to breathe into and people who celebrate you.

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