Thursday, 24 January 2013

so today I find myself sitting in starbucks trying to busy myself away from the house, as my landlord is doing a bit of refurb on our bathroom.  we found out this was his plan last night around 8 p.m.  the message was that he and his son-in-law (our next door neighbour) would be in the bathroom all day from 9 a.m. onward working. "so move out all that you do not want to get messed up", he said.
my level of annoyance at this prospect has been childish today, I admit.  I am battling a cold, and for some reason my right eye decided to be irritated this morning which adds a nice visual to my sniffling, throat-clearing, dry coughing charm I am sporting.  all I really wanted to do today was have a lie-in and then watch tv on the couch.  oh, and I bought myself a queen-sized bed the other week.  you may remember from my earlier pictures of my room that I had a twin bed.  I was trying to be cost efficient.

rubbish.  a ridiculous decision.  my life has changed.  sleep is important.

instead, I am sat at my local bucks typing this and catching up on blogs I have not read in quite awhile. I, like many others, have a list on the side of this electronic journal of others I like to peruse when I have the time.  this morning, I have revisited meg fee.  she is a single girl who lives in new york city.
from the entries I have read, I believe she may be an actress (talk of a play she is doing, my clue), but regardless of her profession, she is quite a writer and has a keen eye for chronicling her life via photo, as well.  as I say, I do not read her thoughts daily, but this morning, in my pit of annoyance that I am actively working to crawl out of, I decided to breathe and read about someone else.
seems to be making me feel a touch better, not to mention just thinking about something other than me.
you might enjoy reading this entry I have linked, as well as her others.

jazz music blares out of the speaker just above my head.  I look up across this crowded davis square cafe' and see joel, the pastor of the church I have begun to call home.  it is called reunion, and it meets in the local movie theatre here in d square.
I love it.  the music is acoustic, the style of my spirit.  we sit in movie seats.  when we leave service, the concession stand is already popping popcorn for the first afternoon matinee.  it is brilliant.
I also have gone a couple of weeks to a small group and literally leave each time chuckling at how much I enjoy people.  my eyes smile afterward.

how many days I spent in a bucks while doing full-time young life work.  it was my second home.  I am transported back this morning.  and, I chuckle to myself knowingly when I see the local minister sitting just across the way working on his laptop, no doubt working on a talk, checking emails, and waiting for someone to meet him for coffee, all simultaneously.
yes, I miss it.
would I choose to be on staff here and now?  no.
yes, I miss it.

january is wicked cold here in new england.  I am not sharing that information in a state of shock but rather because it is a fact that encircles life at the moment.  everyone's car is covered in a white haze of road salt.  my windshield washer fluid notification light will not cease to indicate it needs attention on my dash no matter how much I incessantly fill it.  the air is drier than dry in my house with the heat going so steady.
it is cold.  and a different cold than colorado cold.
but, as I heard on the radio the other morning in response to someone who was going on and on about the low temperatures, "it is winter!".  well said.  winter is meant to be cold.
I am thankful for seasons.
my next task for this day away from the house may be a target run for a humidifier.

hope the week is going well for you.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

firstly, this is one difficult word to spell.  thus evidenced by a recent episode of new girl when nick finally completes his zombie novel.  (my word, that show makes me laugh.)

this particular image of notation to the left is meant to be the rhythm to which poetry is to be read.

as a person who is so influenced and impressed upon by her surroundings, I find myself in a constant quest to find the "proper" rhythm and tempo which leads to health for me.

of course, this need is more acute in new situations (such as moving to a new city).  I find comfort in falling into other people's rhythms at times.  I tend to lean into their pace, however fast, medium, or slow, and live there until it suits me no more.  being single certainly adds to the challenge of maintaining a consistent pace, I feel.  with no "other half" to be a constant in this chaotic life, the beat fluctuates often.

I find myself today wanting to be more aware and mindful of how to assert myself (not in a militant way, just simply by being vocal) to find a cadence which suits me.  to break away from the pack or jump out of the stream to stop and chat or to sip a cup of coffee rather than just following along.
my word, this act of standing in my own stead is a challenge for me.  it takes loads of psyching myself up, not to mention boldness in my spoken decision to take care of myself rather than just go with the flow.

how ironic is my personality.
deeply, I often think.
to love people with such amazing intensity and to at the same moment to be hesitant to engage in connection.
the shy connector.  maybe this is my superhero name.  {chuckle, chuckle}

community is beginning to build slowly for me here in boston.
I am thankful and full of hope.
may I learn to lean in when I feel compelled.
may I learn to let others have the rhythm they choose and not feel obligated to join.
may the Lord bless the tiny steps I find the courage to take with depth of connection and familiarity.

happy sunday, friends.
I hope the long holiday weekend brings you rest.

Friday, 4 January 2013

I just saw my friend, cj, on the news!  a video she starred in has gone viral.
her boyfriend, who is a musician and clearly holds talents in other creative fields is getting much notice lately.
sweet cj was one of my ASL girls when I lived in london.  her little sister, harley, was a wyldlife kids, as well.  love the williamsons!
whether graduating now or remembering the feeling in years past, you will relate...

way to go, ceej!