Monday, 13 February 2006

This evening I sit composing at my desk looking up at my life scripture verse hanging on my wall..."Remain in me, and I will remain in you." (John 15.4) The Lord is intimate and detail focused. I have come to realise, recognise, and relish this character trait of the Creator. I am also clinging to this intentionality that He has shown me throughout my walk with Him and even more so in the months as of late.
I officially finish my tenure teaching preschoolers how to exercise at the end of this week. My boss has hired a fellow to take my place teaching my some 150 kiddos every week. I know he will be great, and I feel good about leaving them in his care. I will miss that reckless love that those sweet friends lavished upon me beyond the shadow of a doubt. I am fairly convinced that among those little ones is the closest I will be to experiencing fame. What a beautiful picture of how we are supposed to love the Lord, without pretense, condition, or self-consciousness. I pray I never forget the blessing this job of squashing balls with my abdominals doing push-ups or giving myself a hug, saying "You're the best kid ever!" to do sit-ups has been to my soul. (See pic of my little pals.)
And, on my feet of faith tred...
Strange. Unpredictable. Scary. Exciting. Real.
All these words come to mind as the next page in this journey across the pond turns. The balance between faith and practicality. To those of you who have known a window into my life post-college, you will recognise this life question of mine that again comes to the forefront of my life these days. I need to work to live, and I also need to continue my pace of meeting with people, making phone calls, and sending letters to keep moving toward my goal of raising my funding and moving to London. Details that seem to float this way and that on the waves of the sea of uncertainty that I know the Lord can walk across...steady the boat and smooth the path that I have little or no control over. Is the Lord not amazing in his vastness, his Word that is so active, alive, and applicable without fail? For someone such as myself who loves and aspires to write...who else could write truisms so original and lasting? Noone.
I will spend next week in Little Rock and Arkadelphia meeting with friends, staying with the parentals. I will get to go to Ouachita to see some great pals from college life that I have missed and hopefully will become my Londontown teammates. I will also get to see my new niece, Isabel Lorin. She is expected to enter our world on February 28th in Hot Springs. (Lorin is my middle name, so Chad and Heather have named her partially after me. I am blessed beyond words! Precious.)
Transitions are beginning...looking at moving in with some friends soon, doing temp work to pay the bills, moving home at some point before I make my big is going to really start to feel more real in the very near future.
Trust. Remain. Walk.