Sunday, 25 September 2005

Hi again, friends! Just a quick update on things moving toward Londontown...
Due to an unforseen holiday week for kids at The American School of London (the school I could possibly be assigned to start Young Life in), I have changed my travel plans a bit. I will fly out of Arkansas on October 10th and stay in London until October 17th. I will fly back to the States on the 17th to stay with a friend in New York City for a few days to vacation and do a bit of fund raising.
I am getting really excited about my first European visit! People keep asking me if I will come back with an accent after I have moved to London and lived there for several months. This question makes me laugh because I can be around a new person for two days, and I pick up on his/her inflections and mannerisms. So, yes, perhaps I will even pick up a bit of British speak when I return from my weeklong stay. : )
More good news about this October trip is that I will come back with many pictures, lots of English pictures...(a bit of a "Say Anything" reference for anyone that might be Cusack knowledgeable). London pics means more excitement on this rather plain webpage as of right now. Keep checking back!

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Welcome to my site! My plan is to use this page as I work toward "crossing the pond" and for the next few years as I live abroad to keep you all updated on life with YL London. Bear with me as I learn how to work this world of on-line journaling. I will be posting pictures and stories about my life and encounters in my world of international Young Life staff. I would love to hear from you guys, as well. From what I can tell, you can post comments and interact on this site, as well. More to come very soon...especially after mid-October when I return from my advance trip to what I believe to be my future home abroad...London, England.