Monday, 23 January 2006

The weather outside yesterday made my friend Becky and I think of England. Though it is January, we have had very little true winter-like weather here in NW Arkansas as of late. Becky spent a year in northern England at a bible college, so she shares my love and helps me with tips...English tips... She called me yesterday and invited my over for a Jane Austen evening to watch classics like Emma and Sense and Sensibility. I love her for thinking of such a theme for such a day. : ) I don't know that I mentioned it, but I have recently become a bit obsessed with Austen novels and movies. I cannot help but think it appropriate at this juncture of my life. I read Pride and Prejudice just prior to the release of the latest version to the big screen. I also made sure to watch the BBC/A&E version before trekking off to the local theater. I must say I ardently adore it. Indeed, I do.
I am back in the routine of life in Arkansas after my visit to gorgeous Colorado. I am three weeks away from being done with my preschool position and then will transition to temp work, odd jobs, and various other asundry vocations until I leave for England. You can pray that all that uncertainty falls in line to enable me to pay all that needs to be taken care of between now and my move. When will I move, you ask? Well, it looks like perhaps sometime between mid-April and early May. My hope resides in this goal.
David Gray music is good for my soul. Honestly, if you have never taken time to listen, take it. (Take it, care for it...!) Soothing, harmonious, poetic.
I feel more and more affirmed that London is soon to be my home. I am excited about the doors that are open, the staff that are already loving on me like crazy, and a new chapter in my story. May the Lord lead and illuminate the way.

Saturday, 7 January 2006

The view out my window for the last week has been that of Pike's Peak here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Not a bad view while learning more about my upcoming cross cultural experience. I sit in the Clarion lobby listening to the wind gust through the trees outside my window. God is majestic. Every time I catch a view of the Rocky Mountains, the word that comes to mind is "majesty". I am in awe of His splendor.
Cross Cultural Orientation has been a wonderful time of insight, challenge, and great fun. Young Life trainings never fail to bless me. I feel encouraged, surrounded by people who are in love with the Lord, and affirmed that I am on the right track.
I have gotten to room with Liz Watkins, who is on staff in London presently. We have become fast friends and are excited to be in the same area very soon. I now have about 20 new friends who will be in all parts of the world...Tanzania, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Africa, Norway, Peru, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Sweden. I love it! God is big, friends...beyond our comprehension.
When I get the privilege of coming to a YL training I always feel like I am with "my people". It is such a sweet connection that the Lord allows us all to have, and we know that He is the glue that binds our hearts. I am convinced the Lord believes friends to be of high importance. After all, in John 15 he calls us his friends. (Sidenote: John 15 is my favorite chapter of the Bible.) I feel at home here, in this community. I am convinced that the Lord knows me so intimately that he understands deeply my need to feel centered as I prepare to embark on such a foreign, challenging journey. Shocking as it may be for those of you who know me well, I find myself stumped as I try to adequately articulate my point at the moment. (I seem to never be in short supply of explanation. :) ) It feels right...doing ministry, going to London, challenging my borders and fears. I am thankful.
He has also used this week to remind me that His timing is always perfect. I am part of the minority of people involved this week that have been out of college for a while. Most here will be interns in the areas in the country in which they will reside. Internships internationally look quite different than those stateside. The job is large of an int'l intern, their job descriptions looking more like that of an area director in some senses. I was not ready for that sort of an internship 5 years ago when I came on YL stateside staff. I am certain of that fact. I am blown away by the maturity and strength of my friends in their early 20's moving toward this big adventure!
As I reread this entry I feel like it's a bit dry and full of facts. I must say that I am processing quite a bit at the moment and being the "internal processer" that I am, I am realising that I am going to need a bit more time to organise my thoughts. I'll be in touch with more London related revelations.