Monday, 16 May 2011

how long has it been since I mentioned my love of park benches?  this image quite literally speaks to my soul.  the sunlight shining on this resting place where reflection might take occur, where a silly, serious, or serendipitous conversation might happen, where love might be savoured...  the double arch in the distance suggests that just beyond its entry is a potential undiscovered path into a city or a retreat from the harried pace of life amongst buildings and blaring horns...  this image fills me with creativity, openness, and peace.

spring has sprung.  more aptly, summer has descended upon us here in bueni.  the masses are slowly appearing to begin their respective works in the rafting or camping industries.  with their arrival, this sleepy town begins to pulse with new life, new faces, new stories.  and this freshness enlivens me.

as I sit thinking about how life is beginning to ramp up in relational opportunity, I think of the clear intentionality the Lord puts into seasons.  how important and key to health are ebbs and flows of relational interactions with masses and few, of time inside watching snowfall and time out soaking up sunlight to warm the skin, of introspective quiet and raucous laughter over silly banter.
Ecclesiastes 3.1-8 sums it up quite nicely.  I suppose Solomon was called wise for a reason, yeah?
I have always been quite clear on which season is at the top of my list...autumn, hands down.  I hold firm to this fact, but I must say, that I have newfound respect and adoration today as I sit in the middle of spring which is fastly becoming summer.  It is simply lovely.  

Change, though at most times scary, is necessary, rejuvenating, and healthy!  
Awareness arrives within me in the midst of change.  I pray in this particular change of season that I choose said awareness, which is so readily and lovingly available from the Lord, on a daily basis.