Friday, 16 November 2007

Primrose Hill may be my favourite place right now. Fall leaves spread across its grass simply made me want to breathe deep every time I caught a glance, strolled down a path, or happended to crunch a few underfoot. (Sigh) You see a gate here. The other night I stayed over at my friend Claire's house with her and her sister. After they were off to school the next day, I stayed at the house a bit longer. As I was leaving, I seriously stood in front of this gate for 10 minutes trying my hardest not to look like a moron to the passers-by on their way to work. I could not figure out how to open the gate. Yes, that is what I said. Finally, I noticed a button to the left of the gate, and my clearly superior problem-solving skills kicked in. Aha! I was soon free and on the other side. (I just thought that my amuse some of you.) At FWEL (Friends Who Eat Lunch- YL)...Micaela's mom brought her back this excellent turkey hat from the states about a week ago. The amount of fun we have had with it...well, it is astonishing, really. Alexis clearly is a bit jealous as she jumped in the picture. : )
The photo the crimson curtained theatre boxes was taken at Royal Albert Hall. I got to go hear Ray LaMontagne a couple of weeks ago. I felt like at any time I was going to look up into one of those boxes and see the two old men from The Muppet Show pop their puppeted-selves up and make comments. The show was amazing! Check out his music...very soulful and! Lastly a view that guarantees that I do indeed live in London these days. When my friend Mindy was in town last weekend, we, along with our pal Lana, strolled pass the Thames and this view seemed definitely picture worthy. I, like Brian Dandy, have a phone that takes great shots! In fact, now that I think about it, all of these were taken with my handy Samsung.
I am beyond excited because one of my most favourite people on the planet is on her way to see me...Sarah (Harmey)!!!! She will be here for an entire week to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. Our first Turkey day meal will be tomorrow at my precious pals, Susan and Rudy's house. We are even going to hop over the pond to see some hills that people keep saying are literally ALIVE with music. Look for updates on that trip. : )
A bit sleepy...daylight is precious these days. Darkness sets in properly at 4:30 p.m. Oh, I must mention that I got my hair cut yesterday by a fellow named Dror. Yep. Have you ever seen the sketch on SNL with Nuni and Nuni? If not, youtube it. It makes me cry with laughter...just random. When I heard other people saying Dror's name, when he said it, even when he wrote it down on a card so that I could come back and ask for him, I still couldn't sort out how to pronounce it. Made me chuckle. Just for those of you jonesing for it... I must say, he was a lovely bloke with an eye for styling. I am quite keen to make a return visit when I deem a cut to be necessary again.
"Nothing of any note"... Rather than saying "noteworthy", an English gent chose to say it this way the other day when we were having a staff meeting.
Have I told you my thesis statement for Britain?...
"the same, but a bit different". Truly. Come see me, and I think you will agree.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Visuals, as promised. You will see my bday cake with the perfect candle arrangement for my years of life. Can you do the math? I loved it! The group below is the crew who celebrated with me that day after my bday at our Thursday lunch group. Lastly, Micaela almost got third degree burns on her arm from me blowing out these clever candles. : )