Monday, 23 June 2008

Just a taste of Colorado for you. I tried to find a chipmunk running around to get a picture of to enhance my last story, but to honest, I was a bit gun-shy. Oh, and this is my new fun friend, Mallory!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ok, so are you ready for this? I am fairly sure I can answer for you all when I say, "No, you are not". This morning, yes, this morning I was awoken by a chipmunk running across my head. Yes, this is what I said...a chipmunk. At the time I thought it was a rat. I am still not 100% convinced that it was not a rat, actually, but other sightings later in the day were of a chipmunk in the house so I guess I have to go with it. This rodent woke me from a dead sleep by running across my left ear. (I am laughing right now just thinking about it. I cannot truly believe it happened still.) I swatted "it" away and got out of bed to go into my other housemates room calmly, completely groggy. I opened their door and said quite calmly, "I am not 100% sure, but I think a mouse just ran across my head". "What?!", they both squealed. Still trying to fully wake up and come to terms with what had just happened, I tried to decipher if it could have been my imagination or just my hair in my face. No, I concluded. It felt a bit like a spider of something because of its quickness but had a bit of weight to it. Definitely a mouse. Marilyn, one of my roommates, and I braved re-entering my room, and she began to put my sofa bed back together. I had stacked the cushions over in the corner of the room when undoing the sofa bed. Marilyn peered into the sofa and saw nothing as we both chatted about how ridiculous it was that we were looking for said mouse, as if we knew what to do with it. We had both just confirmed that we would scream and run if we did find it Marilyn picked up a cushion, there it was! It moved in what could only be called a scurry across the cushion and disappeared. We followed suit and scurried screaming into the other room. I decided the safest place was standing on Marilyn's bed. OH MY WORD! Needless to say, I have found a new place to lay my head tonight.
As I walked around camp today, people continually asked me to tell the story and inquired about my well-being. : ) So hilarious...and completely...shiver/shudder-inducing. Later in the day, the people staying upstairs spotted him in their bit of the house, trapped him, and he got out away out of the house. I drug some summer staff guy who worked in the kitchen down to the house later in the day with me to watch me pack my suitcase. Just a couple of hours ago, I heard Mr. Chipmunk had returned to the house. I knew better than to stay down there. : ) Just had to share. If I see one and can get a good picture tomorrow, I will post it. I mean, it is not shocking to have critters running amuck when you are at camp in the middle of the nature. I see them around camp all the time, but running across your face? No thanks! Ha! : )

Thursday, 12 June 2008

A night at my brother's house last night to see the kiddos. So fun.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

So, Sunday, I turned over a new leaf in London. I drove. Yes, on the left hand side of the road. I have driven once a day for the past three days. Strange. Shaky. Strange. Now, I must confess that these journeys have been a mile at best down a very straight stretch with only one roundabout. But, I mean, seriously, crazy to be on the other side of the road and in control of a motor vehicle. I only ran up on two curbs and it was only for a brief moment each time. My depth perception issue that I have is not sure how to maneuver with everything flip-flopped. It is an entirely new way to look at things. I feel less like a 15 year-old while I am in the countryside these days. Now, I am not going to necessarily make a habit of driving around Kerry's Bluegeot (Peugeot that is blue), but it is nice to know that if I need to transport myself, I am capable. The necessity these past few days has been to take care of Brooke and Tate's lovable golden retriever, Pacey, while B, T, Asher, and Kerry are away in Paris. And, yes, Pacey is called Pacey because of Dawson's Creek. Yet another reason why I knew I should move here and work with these people when I came to visit 2 years ago to check things out. 1.) Brooke and Tate spoke about the characters on Friends as if they were a part of their lives, intermingling quotes in normal conversations. Ex: Tate: "I mean, I don't know why we are even talking about this. It's a moo point." Me: "It's like a cow's opinion". Brooke: "It doesn't matter". Truly, at that moment, I knew. I knew this could work.
2.) Dog named after Pacey, the far superior character to Dawson who gets the most cred due to the creek being possessed by him in the title. Whatever.
You guys miss me, don't you? Be honest. My random stories...I know. Well, I'll be home in a matter of days. Get excited! : )
word/phrase of the week: "sussed it out"...meaning someone has assessed something. "Yeah, I sussed out the people at the party and figured out it was not my crowd."

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Softball season wrapped up officially yesterday with a 5th place finish at ISSTs (International School Sports Tournament). Our performance was worthier of a much better place in the hierarchy in my opinion, though. We had a very challenging draw in our pool of play. I am extremely proud of my girls and how they played. We had a great time, too! I will miss them greatly over the summer. I am now checking of my rather large to-do list which will wrap up my school year. I leave for the states in 9 days.
A few pics...CJ, one of my sball'ers, the team minus Micaela who I believe may have been taking the picture, St. Johns' Wood High Street-the crosswalk where I saw Sir Paul strolling not long ago, and the cutest little boy maybe in the world, Asher, Brooke and Tate's son, who I just adore. :)