Thursday, 24 August 2006

Well, hello! Yep, this flag is positioned stategically for an important reason...
I move to London in three weeks!
I know! I know! I know! I found out today, and needless to say, I am gathering my composure from receiving such exciting news. I will have much more to come in the very near future without doubt as my brain will now not be able to rest for some time. But, I could not let the day pass with a quick note to document such a TREMENDOUS day!

Monday, 21 August 2006

So, here you have it...the visa. Woo hoo! I kept trying to add it to that last post, but for some reason, the blogger dashboard was not pleased with this request. I am getting closer to being able to jet across that big pond. That trip has become a bit more tense in the past days for those embarking, yeah? I am pleased to say that all my fellow London staff have been traveling tran-atlantic like lately and have arrived home to the UK.
Life is in what seems to be something of a holding pattern in days recent. On the verge of being ready to move to London, but...not quite yet. I anticipate I have only a matter of weeks left here in the States. I am pleased that I will be able to attend my pal, Sally's nuptials in a couple weeks, and I amy also pop in at my 10 year high school reunion. What? I know, 10 years. Has anyone seen "Grosse Pointe Blank"? John Cusack stellar...a bit of a movie reunion for he and his "Say Anything..." cast friends. I highly recommend both of these films to this reading audience. Now, for those knowledgeable, I am certain my reunion will hold none of the morbidity that GPB contains, but I have been thinking about this strange interchange that goes on with John, Minnie Driver, and Jeremy Piven as old friends reunited as I think of my soon-to-be time with old friends. Lives lived, families started, careers embarked
It truly does feel like ten years have passed for me since I lived in Springdale with long hair and a life that consisted of homework, bowling, crushing on boys who were oblivious, and riding around in Felicia's sweet Nissan Pulsar with, get this, T-tops, like a convertible, well, almost! I thought that was the coolest car. I drove Feli crazy asking her to take them off all the time, which were actually quite a hassle to deal with most days. Oh, funny!
But, I started in most places in Arkansas today. I love the beginning of the school year! School supplies! (refer to "You've Got Mail" for great quote.) My mom would not take me to get them when I was a kid until right before the first day because I got so excited about opening them! I am not certain when school begins at ASL (my soon-to-be home of YL London-The American School of London), but I believe in September. I hope to be a Londontown local soon after the beginning of their fall year.
I don't guess I really have that much of any profound nature to relay at present. I am thankful for your prayers that I know are still being prayed on my behalf. I realise the invaluable value in your intercession, I assure you, in these days on the verge.