Friday, 18 May 2012

work week ends today.  
I actually have the day off, as we have a group arriving tomorrow and I have a last hosting role to fill for the season.  I am thankful both for today and for the upcoming week, as this past week, though full of joy as previously mentioned, has brimmed with energy, chatting, observing, re-entering...
it has been sensory overload in many ways.
I have continuously told myself to breathe. maybe I should practice now... 

this door not only pleases me aesthetically with its contrast of colours and weathered appearance, but it also reminds me that there is something beyond its wooden frame that is currently a mystery.  it is unknown.  

I am filled with curiosity, excitement, anxiousness, nerves, and eagerness thinking about what lies ahead in the next dozen or so weeks.  
I am challenged to allow it all to happen as it does.  
to accept that I have little control over how life unfolds.  
so why would I choose to hold onto any worry?  

I pray I will remember to breathe, feel, and trust.

stay clear.  
stay Close.
be thankful.

good thing it is not up to me.  a very good thing.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

work week is in session here at t dubs.
one of my absolute favourite signs that summer is about to begin is depicted above in the fresh mulch which is spread on our paths about camp.
after so many months of snow and heavy winds that blow branches and leaves over our steps and pathways, I absolutely love how a little fresh mulch provides such a groomed, clean appearance.
the lodge is filled literally to the brim with people, and there is never a quiet moment.  it is a stark change from my 9 month often cricket-chirping stillness.
it is taking some adjustment, to be sure.

my 'grandest' feeling at present is one of thankfulness that so many of my sweet friends have returned to their summer home...that I grin and laugh spontaneously thinking of conversations had over meals, in the hallways, or sitting in my office, with this community.

I keep shaking my head gleefully and thanking those around me for being here.
I have owned up to my overly gushy behaviour and simply tell them as they are my friends, they will just have to bear with me for a bit here at the beginning.
I am joyful.  it is difficult to keep this feeling to myself.
and I don't believe I am meant to do so.
with this joy also arrives necessity to breathe and not overdo.
God is faithful and knows how to prepare us for such transitions.
He continues to show me this character trait of His.
not only does He prepare,
but more importantly for me,
He meets me in the midst.
thanks be to God.  so sweet, so loving, so full of grace, so powerfully gentle.

God is good, and so are seasons.


Monday, 7 May 2012

so, strangely enough, this is similar to the scene out my window today.
it snowed literally all day long.  as it is may, the snow was quite wet and has not stuck to the roads to make it treacherous, thankfully.
I suppose when you live at close to 9,000 ft, precipitation is more likely to be in the form of snow rather than rain. just completely bizarre and a bit annoying, if I am honest, though I know we need the moisture for the river this summer.
today and tomorrow are my weekend, as I hosted a group over the proper weekend, so I was given the luxury of sitting with just such a mug sipping coffee and watching movies.  an unexpected gift in the month of may.
mid-morning, I almost leapt out of my chair when I saw movement just in front of my window.  it was a deer.  I could have opened the window and petted it from my sofa.  oh, the wild west.

I am attempting to savour the last few days of quiet before summer officially begins.
do not get me wrong.  I could not be more excited for the beginning of the next season.
absolutely jonesing for it, in fact.
however, if life is always lived in the future, I just might miss out on what purpose might be meant for today.

I wonder what the summer will bring by way of lessons, laughter, and luster.
I can feel the energy surfacing... that spark that becomes so apparent within me when people arrive.
and I am sat thankful, as I anticipate where the Lord will show his love in big and small encounters.
in the words of my brilliant boss...  "it is so good.  so so good!"