Monday, 21 April 2008

Happy to report that the sickness has gone. I am currently sitting, as you can see, in the staff lounge at school awaiting three o'clock, otherwise known as time to load the bus for the trek out to softball practice. I am also pleased to announce, speaking of softball, that we won our first game last Thursday by a score of 37-nil. (That means "nothing" or "0", for all you non-Europeans. We say "nil" over here. There is a bit of local flavour for you.) I am loving my new computer which enables me to take pictures as you see of myself sitting wherever I am. Technology is amazing.
I spent last week babysitting for two different families with two very different family dynamics. The first job required me to just be a present adult with two kids, ages 13 and 16. Easy peasy (bit of England, for you). The latter part of the week had me playing every video game on the Wii known to man with a 6 year-old while his 12 year-old brother entertained himself by playing computer games. I was worn out from game-playing by the time I left yesterday. Oh, the energy of youngsters! Amazing how the kiddos change as they age. I saw it firsthand this week. When they are little, they want you with them doing everything! As they grow up, they are more content on their own. I had a great time with all the kids, but I must say that I am glad to have my own world back in my control. Interesting how I have felt so adrift this past semester when in fact I am quite in control of my world more than I realized. God is good and faithful to bring perspective...all the time.
I don't know as I have much to report of any interest in regards to British-isms this week. As mentioned, I have been playing "mom" to kids, playing footie (a.k.a. soccer), and coaching softball.
We did have a committee meeting this morning with some moms that I know, as well as a few moms I met for the first time. I feel good about gaining more direction from our chatting about the community and needs of their kids. I just so love the times I get to gather with people thinking about common goals to gain perspective and direction. Such meeting energize me and clarify my path.
Cheers, and I will speak to you soon!
I need to update you all on my very exciting summer plans!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

I have the flu. Yes. Never have I ever had the flu, but it is official. Actually, I should change that wording. The flu has got me. When I came home from practice on Tuesday evening, the fever kicked in. For the next two days, I was buried in the duvet watching telly, sleeping, coughing, and sleeping some more. As Friday arrived, I felt well enough to exit the flat. Today I even ventured back into the city to check in with some families I will be babysitting for next week. (I have moved out to Surrey with my colleague, Kerry, for the rest of the school year, the next 6 weeks.) The train ride back to Surrey put me to sleep straight away. Clearly, my body is not healed, though I am feeling a bit better and the fever seems to be gone. I do not know of flu and cold season is hitting where you are, but take it from me... do all you can to keep it from "getting you". Drink your OJ. Flee from those who have even the slightest cough or sniffle. Get plenty of sleep. I hope you are stay well this spring season of crazy weather and potential infection! : )

Monday, 7 April 2008

Will wonders never cease?! It snowed yesterday! The morning reminded me of being home in Arkansas in the winter. I was awoken by a text from Courtney that simply said "SNOW, HUGE SNOW!" I immediately parted the blinds above my bed to see kids throwing snow at one another dressed in so many layers they might have walked right off the set of "A Christmas Story". They looked at me rather peculiarly as I looked out, making be believe my squinting, big-haired self must look rather strange peering between the shades. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera, and gleefully snapped photos of the white blanket that covered the ground. Beautiful. As the morning unfolded, the temperature warmed, and the snow melted fairly quickly. But all day long as we went about the day's adventures, the remnants of the sheet of white loveliness that had covered the green were scattered around...a dusted rooftop, a leaning snowman, branches sprinkled in white. The aftermath of the cold front is that I now must confront the chilly winds in a matter of an hour or so as we head to the field for a bit of softball practice. Not so excited about that shivering that is to come, but I love snow, especially when it is so sparse here. It makes me feel like a little kid, and I am ALWAYS in favour of this feeling. : ) May we never lose our "kiddo" inside us.
We had quite a gang at FWEL this past week, and we had a blast playing one of my fave games, Samurai. If you have never played it, ask me next time you see me. I'll teach you. I laugh so hard listening to people scream their own versions of "YAAAH!"
Cheers, friends! Miss you mucho!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Back from Bulgaria! We had a great time building playground equipment and painting equipment that desperately needed attention. Here are a couple of pictures of my cabin girls. These girls go to TASIS (all except for one who attends school in Milan, Italy now after having moved from TASIS), one of our other London international schools where we do Young Life. I am so blessed to be called in as an extra leader. The Lord used this week to shower me with blessings, laughter, and great new friendships!
Softball season is now in full swing...pun intended. : ) I am currently working on my plan for today's practice. Be back soon...