Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I had a notable moment this evening, so I thought I would share.
I have not gotten the chance to inform many of you about something BIG happening soon for me here in Londi. I will be moving about 20 minutes away (by foot) in September when I return home to London from the States. My new place is just around Regent's Park from where I live at present, and on the map, it doesn't look all that far.
In reality, it truly isn't, and I will get more exercise...always good. However, I have been a bit bummed about the fact that I will not be living in a flat right on the high street, which is 2 minutes from the school and is 30 seconds from Starbucks where I spend 95% of my time with girls. All the other aspects of this move are complete and utter blessings! Two girls who love Jesus will be my flatmates. Loads more space than I have now (which doesn't have to be much to be much more than now). A garden!!!!...I could, and I will when I see you, go on and on about the exciting prospect of this move that have come together quite quickly...just an immense number of blessings that continue to show me the Lord's hand on and His care for every tiny detail of my life.
The one downer in this new scenario has been the distance of this new spacious abode from where I do ministry.
Tonight, as I said, I went to my home group which meets near where I will be moving. Right outside the flat where we were meeting sits a bus stop. (I must interject here that I have never been to this particular flat where we met.) I discovered tonight that said bus gets me to the end of the high street, where I currently live and have begun mourning leaving its nearness to all that my world encompasses these days, in a matter of four minutes! Until tonight and this discovery of transport, I thought I was going to have to resolve myself to trekking this journey by foot multiple times daily to get to the street that has become so vital to me. I told Becky, my friend and one of my two new flatmates who made this discovery for me, quite enthusiastically, that this find of transport has now "revolutionized my world!" She just laughed at my enthusiasm and walked me to the bus stop.
After my bus ride, I walked down the high street to get to my studio flat where I will reside for essentially another month, factoring in my time abroad this summer, and I thought..."It just keeps getting better..." Sound familiar to any of you? For most of you, it might not, but for a selected few who who wore a red bow and an oversize mouse pin for a week , I know you recognize this statement. For those of you who are not Ouachitonians (what we are called who are alumni of Ouachita Baptist University), this is my sorority's motto. Funny that it popped into my head tonight. I can honestly say that this statement has never come to mind before in post-college life. But, how poignant and appropriate for this evening! I must say that I am not certain if this motto is holding true for my EEE sisters, but I can say with certainty...
Life with the Lord..."it just keeps getting better..."
kym : )

Friday, 8 June 2007

Ok, from top to bottom... La Mer (a.k.a. Meditteranean Sea); a random Frenchman in a shop actually wearing a beret!; my cool freshman pals, Micaela and Claire; Randy Jackson; Roger Moore.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Nice equals 'NICE'! What a lovely mini-break in the south of France with Mom, Aunt Char, and Aunt Karen! I got to spend 4 days popping around the cobblestone streets, mountainsides, and rocky beaches of the French Rivera earlier in the week. : )

What a gift to get to see the Mediterranean in all its majesty and to get to see my fam on this side of the Atlantic. I also saw a couple of celebs on my plane on the way home to Londontown. Roger Moore, a.k.a. James Bond, and Randy Jackson, of American Idol fame, were both on my flight. Pretty cool! I tried to get some pictures on my phone, but I am afraid my trying to be inconspicuous sort of hindered my photography. I will see if I can post some pics of them so you can see.
The school year is coming to an end here at ASL. All my girls are in the midst of finals and are looking forward to graduation next Friday. I must say that I am looking forward to it, as well. I have had a great time especially this semester here coaching softball and getting to spend fantastic, meaningful time with my new friends high school friends. I am also ready to get to come to the States to see you all.
The weather in Londontown is delightful! In the winter months here, as some of you know, the weather is extremely dark and dreary. On the flip side, the summer brings much daylight, soothing breezes, and smiling faces! The sun rises about 4:30 a.m. and sets near 10:00 p.m. I love it! I am pleased to get to spend the whole of June here to enjoy this amazing city!
The summer months bring time for to relax a bit and time to think about and plan for the upcoming fall. I went to my first small group from church this week, and I loved it! I met a couple of people that I instantly clicked with and look forward to hanging out with more in the future. Over the past month, I have also started volunteering at church with the 4-6 year olds! Oh, my goodness. I cannot put into words how cute these kiddos are with their English accents. I had a little girl correct my grammar the other morning. She was colouring a sheet with Jesus and the man with leprosy on it. I asked her which one was Jesus and which one was the leper. She replied, "You should have asked who are these men?" Oh my! A few seconds later, she was wrapping me in "loo roll" (a.k.a. toilet paper) to demonstrate being a leper. So fun! Such a dose of joy on Sunday mornings for me! The Lord is definitely blessing my pursuit of community, and I thankful!
Oh, one more thing...I saw PAUL MCCARTNEY outside my Starbucks! Yes! I was sitting inside having coffee with one of my senior girls...I looked out the window...and said (a bit too loud) "Hello, PAUL MCCARTNEY!" I was dumbfounded. He has just recently released a new album and was there with a friend to pose in front of the poster advertising it on the Starbucks' window. He stood directly in front of me to pose. I had not the sense of mind to find my phone in my bag to try to snap a photo of him. I mentioned that I exclaimed a bit louder than I intended? Well, at least 3 people around me said, "He's in here all the time. He just lives up the street", nonchalantly. "Well, I have heard that, but I had yet to see him," I replied. Pretty cool.
Back by popular demand...
Word/phrase of the week: "Brilliant!" In place of "great" or "excellent" or basically any other term of emphatic excitement, it seems to be more often than not, "brilliant."