Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Last post I gave a glimpse of the mountains in my backyard.  The Arkansas River is also right at my doorstep here in BV.  The first snapshot is of said body of water in Salida, a nearby town which is the home both the nearest Wal-Mart and Sonic and Starbucks...all clearly of high importance.  Salida also has quite a few cool shops and restaurants that make me happy.  Here, you see me with a few of our summer interns, Jessica, Emma, and Shannon, as we enjoyed a bit of a festival in Salida, called FibArk...which turned out to be quite the spectacle.  I loved it.  I loved the masses of people of all eccentricities.  Funny how I now love being in anonymous crowds from time to time...feels like home in a way.  
Lastly, in my pictoral portion of this post, you see a bench in the Aspen Grove here at camp.  My friend, Stacie took this picture and added the caption, "Reflection".  Seeing this  simply made me take a deep breath...peace.  

Week four is in full swing at Trail West, which means the first session of staff are on their last week with us.  An entirely new team will arrive on Thursday, and weeks five through eight will be organized by a whole different crew.  I am both sad to see friends depart and thrilled to see others arrive.  
It continues to be an odd reality that my "normal" world is now at camp.  Bizarre.  I do not think I will truly feel I have properly moved into this neighbourhood until August arrives.  The summer season is a whirlwind of relationships that grow deep quickly and sometimes leave in a way which seems abrupt.  Though I am no stranger to people arriving and departing in my sphere, I know that when August presents itself, I will be sad to see friends (old and new) go back to their respective homes.  
Ok, no need to go too far into the future, as I still have 8 weeks of camp crazy that will without doubt stretch, grow, and change me in deep ways through challenging situations and incredibly interesting people.  
I continue to be thankful beyond words and blessed beyond measure.  I am affirmed more than I can ask or imagine that I am spot on where I am meant to be for this time of my life.  Oh, how intentional and loving is the Lord.  
Even though I know this life at camp in the summer season is in some ways ridiculously sheltered, safe, and serene, making it feel anything but real, I am assured that it is quite alright to be in such a place for a time.  What an expression of love from the Lord to allow me time to rest after life abroad.  Simply and deeply thankful.  
I pray all is well with you, friends.