Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I read an article the other day written by an Englishman who was commenting on his definition of home.
many of the lines resonated within me, but a few stood out specifically.

"perhaps home isn't the place you fit in entirely.  perhaps home isn't even the place you fit in most.
perhaps home is the place you allow yourself to fit."  

as many of you know, my definition of 'home' has expanded tremendously over the past several years, and it appears that this knocking down of the supports of previously designed fences and boundaries around most things I try to "get to the bottom of", will continue.  
thanks be to God.  

for where change exists, 
hope lives.  
laughter is needed.
connections with people are made.
lives are altered.
love is experienced.

so, within my quest to be obedient to the word OPEN which has been placed within my spirit, I am working on allowing myself to fit here in dallas.

ninety days.
a milestone hit today in my new role, 
my new job.

and it is fun.
I like it.

what a surprise.
one surprise after another, in fact. 

surprises from Someone who knows me and loves me.
the absolute best sort of surprises.

people are people.
opportunities abound no matter what the setting.


for He is good.  
always clear? 
always free from pain? 
always good?  

if you happen to be in dallas, my place has a sofa bed.  and I am a stone's throw away from  a starbucks and a bookstore.  I mean...  just sayin'.