Saturday, 1 June 2013

do you have things in your life that always seem to challenge you?
things that you think "surely, at some point, I will not have any issue with this!"?
like at some point you will "arrive" and will have no need to be bothered by this ever present place where it seems pruning is a constant?

I suppose I have several of those issues in my world, but there are a few that seem to battle within me more often, causing me to feel humbled, defeated, and oftentimes foolish.

what I know is that despite my frustration that these sanctifying spots do not completely go away, I have, over the years, achieved victories on the battlefield.  wisdom has seeped in.  vulnerability and honesty take more precedence over complete pride and self-sufficiency.  I get to a place of asking for help or voicing need quicker than in days of yore.

still frustrates.
still challenges.
still humbles.
still moves me to my knees.

but I refuse to lack hope.
I choose to celebrate victories great and small.
and, I will pray.
and, I will try to listen.
and, I will pray more.


{photos via pinterest}