Friday, 13 September 2013

the inbetween...

often after loads of people interaction, any lull of noise seems louder to me than the actual voices of human contact.  as ever, I pause to ponder balance.
how simultaneously intimate and great is our God, knowing precisely the timing for the sort of noise needed for the taking in of information and for the processing of data.

my wise friend, mike, used to say all the time to me...
"kym, don't be scared of silence."

quiet holds it own 'audible' lessons and discoveries.
I may not know in specific, practical ways the purposes of not talking.
I do know 
choose to believe,
from experience after experience,
that the stillness of heart is
will be used for good. (rom 8.28)


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

community fosters...

when people gather with the purpose of connection and fellowship, sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals, a community is formed.

so much goodness results from these gatherings.
for me, the two visuals here help describe a couple of those feelings.

my friend dan told me once that he strives to surround himself with people who...
celebrate him, 
not simply tolerate him.
I love that goal.
being intentional about this quest is well worth any moments of loneliness which creep in to life.

one of my outlets of catharsis, joy, and perspective is found in writing.  this picture makes my spirit happy.
I want to recreate it.

great conversations and connections have been prevalent as of late, and I am sat thankful.

on this day of remembering such an awful, life-altering tragedy for our country, I am all the more grateful for people to live life alongside who are mindful of each other and are intentional about loving others.


{photos via pinterest}

Saturday, 7 September 2013


today, my word of interest is
mr. webster and I "converse" about which meaning I lean toward in my pondering...
I choose the following two: 
a. vivid and deep in colour
2. meaningful or significant.

this chest of drawers in its rich brown colour feels cozy to me. (I also imagine it could have had many owners and might have lovely stories of locations and family history.)
autumn brings with it richer hues of clothing, leaves, and coffee.
I find darker tones of colour to be almost a proverbial hug to my spirit.  I steer fairly clear of pastels for the most part, as aesthetics and my surroundings are so impressionable upon me.  I suppose I try to create a warm atmosphere regardless of season.  
as an october baby, I logically hold a deep fondness for this time of year.
since we all seem to drink more hot beverages and begin to add layers to our wardrobes, people begin the process of having to slow down.
during the summer months, we drink iced coffee through a straw while on-the-go with little thought.  that autumnal steaming hot latte demands a slower sipping experience.  and when we decrease the pace, many times we desire someone to sit across from us to chat with to pass the time and increase the warmth.
with a deep breath and each measured drink, connection occurs...meaningful moments which hopefully lead to both parties feeling more significant and loved.

I recognize that in many parts of the country, the autumn has not quite made its appearance, and even here in new england with the past couple days turning cooler, we have not gone so far as to remove the A/C units from the windows.
I suppose I am just looking forward with smiling eyes of anticipation toward a season lending itself to more opportunities for richness, whether intentional or accidental.

happy september, friends.
(though I need none, I am fighting the urge to buy school supplies.)