Thursday, 25 July 2013

simple and deep...

so many emotions can coexist with this above state of being.  
you can be crying, laughing, humbled, stunned, exhausted, envigorated... AND joyful.
how complex is the human spirit!  
multi-dimensional, layered, deep, mysterious (both to others and ourselves)...
in my experience, most of the time true, pure joy in its nature is contagious.  
the people surrounding you when your rivaling emotions ensue in this state, feel alongside you.  
I love that.  
and so I circle once more around to what is a main theme in my life (and this blog), that of trying to be mindful of my intentionality of setting and social sphere.  
impressions are easily made on this sensitive spirit of mine.  

a couple of celebrity kids were born this week.  
one little kiddo who appeared on the scene is called winnie.  this baby girl was a surprise to all of us who follow mr. fallon and are entertained nightly by his hilarity and youthful exuberance.  jimmy is truly one of THE best.  he is that guy who you just know you would be friends with if you ever got to bump into him and share some every day experience like catching a foul ball at a ball game or seeing someone walk into a glass door by mistake. 
he reminds me of my brother and all his cultural references hit a home run for me.  
how thankful I am for the laughs that he creates within me with his gift of silliness.  delight.  
what a great young life leader jimmy would be.  
I mean, have you seen NIGHT NEWS NOW?  well, here you go.  

I love that we did not know he and his wife were expecting.  fantastic job of keeping life real and not glamourized and chatted about over the internet every second.  I am all the more impressed with this secrecy with the amount of press he is now receiving with his growing popularity.  
well done, fallons!  
(I feel compelled to send him a congratulations card, as I am genuinely excited for him and his wife.)
but we all know I connect and get attached.  haha.  

watch his giddy monologue from last night.  just makes me grin at the tv.

"another" one we heard about for months before he arrived.  george is kind of a big deal in one of my former homes, and understandably so.  how magical does a monarchy feel to us as americans who feel it as a fairy tale in a book we read as kids.  
william and kate are lovely, I think.  they are the most modern royals to date, and though they are very much entrenched in tradition, respecting their heritage and history, they are also mindful that they are people, just like everyone else.  

a common thread between these two announcements of new life?
elation irrepressible.
look at kate's glow.  
jimmy is still wearing his hospital bracelet and keeps looking down and squirming.
in the spotlight, they both are, and yet both  are intentional to guard their families from overexposure, striving for normalcy in the midst of informing and appreciating "their public".  
healthy perspective.
good.  (in the words of a friend--one whom I actually know--who oozes joy, as well.)

thanks for letting us in on a bit of your joy, HRHs and fallons.  

may the weekend be joy-filled for you and yours...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

harmony delights me.

music such as this is my heart melody.  
instant happiness emerges from within when I happen upon harmonies in both song and instrument. 
goodness, I adore this sound.
voices complimentary.
guitar and mandolin.
though I enjoy loads of styles of music, this one forever tops my playlist and holds the most real estate in my library.
hope you enjoy!


Monday, 1 July 2013



I believe it.
do I embrace it?

some days.

four day weekend this week.  I cannot remember the last time I had the fourth of july off work.  my normal is usually life at camp in the summer when holidays are fairly regular days.  tentative plans to venture to the beach and get some sun.  not far away and cheap.  I like it.  it may rain.  but said weather will not deter my pursuit.  (barring some sort of dangerous storm system.)

I rearranged my room a week ago.
it has changed my outlook on my daily world.
I love it.
as I sit here, I wonder how it could have possibly have been arranged in any other way.
this sort of feeling makes my heart happy.
I feel it when I buy a new favourite t shirt, pair of jeans, or a great pair of shoes.
that feeling of "what did I wear before I found these jewels?"
a feeling of newness without major change.  change that requires little thought or awareness.
just movement or adjustment on a whim.
I suppose these sort of alterations would fall under the category of "the little things".
and in a glorious way, changes in this "small" sphere help to heighten my acuity in life.
my creativity is awakened by shaking up the metaphorical boggle letters.
the same pieces moved around spark new perspective.

happy 4th!