Sunday, 26 December 2010

The latest news...well, I got a puppy.  He is called Charlie.  He is much bigger than this now, actually, as this photo was taken in mid-November, I believe.  I went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving, and when I arrived back to Colorado, Charlie moved in.  He is adorable, yes.  He is a handful, yes.  He has altered my life, yes.
Almost a month in to dog-ownership, I am just now beginning to find a new rhythm.  I must be honest and say that I am still a bit unsure of how life looks for me, as me that I know, with a responsibility such as he.

I spent Christmas here in Colorado which was white in the degree that I could see the mountains all around me topped with powder.  Here in BV, the streets remained clear, which I must say I prefer.  Safety first.
Today is Boxing Day, and I miss London.  Actually, my former overseas home has received more winter weather than my current one, which is odd.
I do miss the city these days, but that is an old story to those of you who keep up with me on any semi-regular basis.  I am sat today thinking of where my spring holiday will take me.  I feel compelled to make  plans as soon as financially possible.  All is well here, just a bit quiet.  I am still wrestling with what my brain (and feet) do here in the midst of such deep quiet.  Parts of my soul are made for activity, perspective, and diversity.  I make spring plans to feed that bit of me.

Definition of oneself is such an ongoing prospect.  In each locale I find myself studying, studying...  Where is the next adventure?  May no one thing define me.  May I never cease looking and being aware of people.  In the midst of this quiet, may I have balance of introspection and outward notice.  I am finding that to be a bit difficult, I confess.  May I rest in the deeply held knowledge that the Lord holds the bigger picture in his hands, and I can see only what I can handle today.
I hope your new year begins in a lovely way, friends.