Sunday, 1 December 2013

wicked bih-zah.

as I process that I will pack up my car this week and trek across the country for another transitional moment in my story, this word keeps popping into my head.

the definition...fairly spot on.
the in my head with a boston accent.
take that 'r' off the end,
it is unnecessary.
(you will see my correction in the title of this post.)

the nature of leaving,
of turning a page,
of packing up,
has this feeling of strangeness as a given.  and having felt it many times in my adult life,  though familiar, it remains in its character
full of mourning, of hazy questions, of difficult separations...
never easy.
forever scary.

and yet,
and important.

I certainly hope bob is right about this one.
I know it aligns with what I believe about who God is.
I do believe it.
taking steps to live within this statement is a whole other matter.

I do believe with this move, I am leaning into being fully present.

the Lord has consistently shown me that *faith is in my feet.
when I am prompted to engage and take steps,
He always shows up.

not all of these steps present themselves as changes of address.
sometimes I see the leading manifested in writing an email to a girl, who with her husband, leads a new community group near my house in my new city.
(thank you, erin and mikhail!)
or in a response to an invitation to play trivia at a nearby pub with friends from work.
(loralee, you're the best around!)
or perhaps during a well-timed cheer for johnny boychuk.
(nick, thanks for calling me 'brynks'.)
or while eating a fenway frank in right field with a friend who loves this city and has introduced me to its undeniable charms.
(stace, you have shared so much with me, and I am forever grateful.)

I could go on and on...

a place is a place. yes, I have an entire pictorial board on a popular website entitled 'spaces of joy.' due to my love of and intentional focus on creating and leaning into surroundings in which I prefer to dwell.  and I hold staunchly to said creation of these environs.

but, what makes a space or place lovely is the people with whom you abide beside within it.
friendships and connections are neither static nor immovable.
when change of location feels necessary,
our propensity for closeness can remain.

goodness, I am thankful for that fact.

*(thank you, ken gire, authour who changed my perspective on so many aspects to do with faith and love.  this man can paint a picture and tell a great story.  goodness.  windows of the soul is an all-time favourite, as well as his moments with the Savior and reflections on the Word).  
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