Friday, 12 October 2012

welcome to autumn!  the weather outside today here in boston is cloudy and cold in typical new england fashion.  we are holding out as long as humanly possible to turn on the heat, so I am sipping endless cups of coffee and donning a hoodie today on my day off.  for any of you who know me at all, you know that makes me miserable.  ahhh...october.  deep smiles.  
home is shaping up bit by bit.  yesterday I recieved my official massachusetts driver's license, making me now someone who has a valid form of identification stating MA residency.  very nice.
my room has shaped up to be a lovely place I like to inhabit thanks to a bit of time, some old favourites, a bit of creativity, and my j.crew store closing down and allowing those of us it employed to snag a few items that were not going to be transferred to the new store. (see ladder, chair, and blue ottoman)

my friend, erin, is quite keen on ladders lately (we.fancy.that.).  I share her fondness.  this ladder is my highlight of my nesting in boston thus far!
my room is sort of an interesting one, in that it has two doors.  as you ascend the entry stairs, one door is immediately to your right (the one nearest the large framed mirror).  directly across from that door is another (the one near the bookshelves) that goes into the corridor near the bathroom. 
so, if you so desired, you could use my room as a cut-through to get to the kitchen.  sort of weird, I suppose, but I love its uniqueness.  quirky allows for creativity.   
some different angles of my nest, you shall see below...

now, plan a visit!  the guest room is just across the staircase from my room.  ready and waiting!

on a random note, I am avoiding news and way too many political adverts today by playing movies in the background of my laundry/sorting out life day.  
an old fave now playing in my living room you might dig up for a good laugh...

happy october all!