Sunday, 30 September 2012

so, tonight I got to reunite with this girl.  we live in the same city once more, and my heart is happy.
she is one of my all-time favourites.
I am thankful.
boston keeps getting better by the day.
thanks be to God.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

 my welcome to my new boston home from my new roommate, stacey.

 pictorial snapshot of my story for my j. crew sales assoc. training.

an addition I made this summer which is helping in this transitional time... 

 continue to take steps.  not leaps, for me.  

stopping to see the sunset out my upstairs apartment window...

the fourth week of my new boston residing is in swing.  my room gets cozier every couple of days, as I continue to piece together my nest here.  a rug, large framed mirror, and floor lamp, my recent additions.  seeing them in their spots brings a smile to my face each time I walk in.  
went to my first dinner party (with new friends of mine, not alongside my roommate) this past weekend, and I may have over thanked christina and alessandro for their hospitality with texts and thank you note.  but, it was lovely. and I needed to express that.  haha.  
connections made through my sweet friend, abby, from trail west.  
the list for properly getting settled in still has a few items on it, like changing over my license, tags, and insurance, but giant steps have been made to make me more of a resident and less a visitor.  
I have even navigated a handful of driving journeys sans GPS in recent days.  believe me when I say, this is NO small feat.  

this transition is real.  I feel myself needing to relax my shoulders and remind myself to breathe often.  however, the haze is clearer than it has been for me in the past in times of change.  
and for this fact, I am thankful. 
I am more present than before when I have first moved to a new locale.  
I am still humbled over and over and over, ad nauseam, I assure you.  
and at the same moment, I rejoice in the victories that appear so often.  
I am thankful for that awareness that I can only explain as "more than I can ask or imagine".

thanks be to God.  
I pray the fall is beginning wherever you are today.  the temperature has cooled here, and my spirit is full of joy.  so much that I am thinking of following in my friend, lana's, footsteps in making 
dark chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.
cheers and blessings,

Sunday, 2 September 2012

in boston, I now reside...

more details about my travel across the country, the friends I popped in on, and the stories/memories made soon...
until then, I'll be here...