Friday, 30 April 2010

I am going to disappoint this go around with no visuals of my new home in Colorado.  Sorry.  I will put some up soon, but for now you will just have to envision it all via my word pictures.

In Colorado I now reside.  The parentals and I drove out just over a week ago with both our cars full of my belongings.  I took us a couple of days and turned our odometers 1066 miles forward.  Aside from a bit of a frightening hail storm/edge of a tornado going over us in Kansas, the drive went well.  I have been living in the lower half of a house on camp property since my arrival which makes my commute to work a 3 minute walk up the road.  Not too bad, I would say.  The one downer at present is that the house sits a bit too deep in the valley, and I only have phone reception in two places in the house, and even those are not terribly reliable.  I do not trust the reception enough to make a phone call, as I know it will most likely drop.  And, no internet connection in this place, also due to the proximity from the main lodge of camp.
I could go on and on with details of the move and the first couple days of work, but here I will choose to comment on overarching observations.

My state of thanksgiving is immense.  I find the details of my new CO life to be falling into place without much effort from me.  I continue to be given opportunities and only have to make a phone call to follow up or show up when I am invited to do so.  A friend called me a few weeks ago to tell me she thought she found me a place to live.  Yes, indeed, she did.  I begin my move today into a lovely 3-bedroom house with two girls who are close to my age and happen to work at Frontier, another YL camp just a few minutes away from TW.  I wondered how I would work out finances for the first month or so, as I would need immediate access to cash for rent, bills, etc.  Before I had time to worry about it or make a plan B, I got a call to report that a way had been sorted out to make certain I could take care of all I needed without delay.
As I sat in our staff devo yesterday morning, I was asked to say a few words about how I have arrived to work at TW.  I told a bit of background and then attempted to articulate the deep sense of peace I feel about being here in Buena Vista working in such an amazing atmosphere (scenery and people).  I spoke of a sense of life slowly becoming less complicated.  My work at camp will be full on and fast-paced much of the time (especially during the summer months), but life in all other aspects appears to be unfolding as rather simple.  On a regular work day, I go in at eight and leave at four-thirty.  Bizarre and nice.
Work is defined and compact.  I am so accustomed to taking 3 types of transport and the better part of an hour to get to a staff meeting.  Now, I walk down the hall.
Formerly, I planned my day and spent the majority of time on my own striving to accomplish all the needed to be done to keep things moving.  Now, I work alongside people and converse constantly.
I have only two proper days of work under my belt thus far, and I know the distinctions of this new job will continue to surface.  The Lord is going to have to teach me how to do life at a different rhythm here in BV.  It will be a process, as ever.  I look forward to it, and feel it to be not unlike transitioning into life in London.  Transition is transition, no matter the locale.  Going from one rhythm to another takes time, processing, and awareness for me.
I am eager to see how the Lord continues to reveal more of who I Arkansan who feels more at home in London than almost anywhere who now lives in a small town in Colorado.  Each location is a part of me, and I long to learn/grow to the fullest in this new place as much as I did in the two previous, without losing the parts of me that feel as though they belong in my former "homes".

Next post, I will put up snapshots of my new house here in BV.  This week I will take on a challenge of decorating a room with odd angles and two-toned walls.  I am up for it.  I am elated to begin settling in and making the space mine.
Til then...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Not a bad view, yeah?  I spent the beginning bit of this week in Colorado.  I was asked to journey westward to have further conversation about a potential job at one of my favourite places, Trail West, a Young Life family camp.  I have spent time at TW the last two summers, and each time I set foot on this property, I feel a sense of home.
I do not believe in coincidence, only intentionality.  The Lord has control and a plan He is working at all times (Jer.29.11) whether we are aware of the puzzle pieces being placed with precision or not.  I am convinced of this truth.  Another fact, in my experience and belief?...(Eph.3.20)...that plan is beyond what we even think we might desire.
So, based on my above statements and on the events of the last month, I share with you the next locale I will call "home".
I will be moving to Buena Vista, Colorado in a couple weeks to begin a job working in what we in YL call, Guest Services.  Giving you a full job description is a bit difficult, so I will simply say that the job is much to do with making the pieces of camp come together behind-the-scenes and helping the guests have the best experience possible while on our property.

I beyond blessed and excited to be starting this next adventure, as I am convinced that the Lord has led me to take this job.  His fingerprints have been all over the entire process, and I am seeing many similarities in this move and my move toward London a few years ago.  Some of the likeness is tangible and explainable and some is simply deep within my spirit and can only be known to me.  All of these endorsements are undeniable, and I am thankful.

My time of transition and re-entry very much continues.  However, this move will allow for many pieces of my day-to-day to stabilize and root a bit...a huge move forward.

So, my definition of "home" continues to expand.  In the next few weeks, I will add Colorado to the list which now holds Arkansas and London, England.  I am still scratching my head about the realities of being able to live in such Eph 3.20 type places...only indicative of the Lord being in control and not me.
This girl who in her pre-London nature stayed rooted and still has now become accustomed, even prefers to step out into the unknown and experience a new adventure.  Again, I am moved to thanksgiving for the intimate, risk-taking love of God which assures me that he is faithful (Ps.86.14).

Ok, so enough depth...check out my camp...  YL Trail West family camp.
Plan a trip to come see me!  Buena Vista is near many a ski slope, the Arkansas River, and is simply gorgeous, full stop!