Tuesday, 27 June 2017


a good teacher encourages students to believe in oneself.
clearly, we are not all adept at doing "anything we put our minds to", despite that early cheer from many of our parents when we were little ones.
if we could do anything, well...
if I could do ANYTHING, well, I would probably not engage in much.  in fact, on days and during seasons of life where I have infinite time with little structure, I do just that...very little.
direction is necessary for me to feel able to focus.
self-awareness enables me to move forward...toward.

a couple of weeks ago, I spent five days in colorado diligently working on counseling skills.  not techniques really.  more lessons in listening.
each day brought challenge and stretching.
I had fun.
it turns out I have chosen a field that does, indeed, suit me.
I learned.
this master's degree I am pursuing is making me a deeper, better version of me.  not a new me.  a deeper version of me.  I like it.

at times, I feel like a broken record, playing the same song again and again, speaking of transition, change, and rebuilding my nest.  at the same moment, I think, aren't we all going through these stages?  starting over daily to work toward becoming and nesting?
I told someone recently that I feel my sweet spot may be where familiarity and mystery connect.
my rootedness and desire to be known needs some run-ins with brand new relationships and change of dynamic.
I need risk.
it makes me uncomfortable.  it humbles me.  sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe.
I need risk.
I also need roots.
they make me feel safe.  I smile more.  I get to be silly.  I feel supported.
I need roots.

feel the bottom of the pool.
know your muscles remember what to do.
push off the wall, float, breathe.
find a rhythm, and relax.

a steady job.
a new nest to be found.
studies abound.
relationships to deepen.

happy summer, friends!

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