Tuesday, 13 December 2016

each step is to be celebrated.

though my studies did not often take me to the brick and mortar library this semester, I do feel this image from the BPL appropriate.  

the first semester of my quest toward a master's degree is COMPLETE!

colorado is quiet.
this is not news to my spirit.  
it is for this solace and peace that I chose this locale for work on my advanced degree.  I now know what sort of day-to-day life needs to look like to make certain school gets done well alongside regular life tasks.  
I can complete this degree.
it was unknown and untouchable before this past handful of months.  
it now is a reality and somewhat known in its needs and rhythm.  


writing a personal narrative for one of my final assignments for one my classes, I sat and contemplated a number... 
the number of moves I have made since my world expanded quite literally.  difficult to believe for me and for you, I would imagine, as well.  

searching for "home".  
searching for safe spaces to "become".

to be honest, I have no indication that this search will cease anytime soon.  I do not necessarily plan to keep moving locations as much as I have this past 10 years or so, 
but I will continue to seek out spots where I feel engaged, alive, challenged, and safe in spirit.

I certainly hope that my search for identity never ceases to be a quest of mine.

this next physical move, whenever it happens, I can tell you, will be with laser clear focus on a newly found vision for a path for which I have seen in the distance for some time and now is just within arms reach.

happy Christmas!

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